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Green is the new black

We're on a journey to create products that are more sustainable and kind to people as well as to the earth.

Locally Made

Our products are made locally in small batches. Knowing who makes up our products with extra love and care makes them feel extra special. 


Can I have a Whoop Whoop for Waterless Printing

Traditional textile printing methods are heavy on water and energy consumption. Water is a scarce and precious resource. By using waterless digital printing on all our fabrics both water and energy is saved in the process.

Paint Cans

Eco Friendly Inks

Our fabrics are printed with environmentally friendly Oeko-Tex Eco Passport approved printing inks. They are non-toxic, non hazardous and 100% safe for kiddies.


Natural Fabrics

We use natural fabrics in all our products. None of our fabrics contain synthetics.

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